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By R. Stein

ISBN-10: 0804709017

ISBN-13: 9780804709019

An outstanding, complete view of pre-1950 Tibetan society, together with historical past, faith, social customs, and literature. It used to be released within the 60's, so many of the info is a bit outmoded. the days whilst it mentions statues or websites that also existed while the publication used to be written yet have been destroyed within the Cultural Revolution are a bit unhappy looking back.

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One of the most poignant moments in the history of Western civilisation is Charlemagne's call to Alcuin to come to France to help to restore the educational system of antiquity in the new Carolingian empire. Alcuin wrote a dialogue 'Concerning Rhetoric and the Virtues' for his royal master, in which Charlemagne seeks instruction on the five parts of rhetoric. When they reach memory, the conversation is as follows: Charlemagne. What, now, are you to say about Memory, which I deem to be the noblest part of rhetoric ?

8 Alcuin, Rhetoric, ed. , p. 146. 9 See the introductions by Marx and Caplan to their editions of Ad Herenmum. An admirable study of the diffusion of Ad Herennium is made in an unpublished thesis by D. E. D. thesis, Cornell University, 1953. I have had the advantage of seeing this thesis in microfilm, for which I here express my gratitude. 10 Marx, op. , pp. 51 ff. T h e association of Ad Herennium with De inventione in the manuscript tradition is studied in the thesis by D. E. Grosser, referred to in the preceding note.

Other things come up readily, in unbroken order, as they are called for; those in front making way for the following; and as they make way, they are hidden from sight, ready to come when I will. 48 Thus opens the meditation on memory, with, in its first sentence, the picture of memory as a series of buildings, 'spacious palaces', and the use of the word 'thesaurus' of its contents, recalling the orator's definition of memory as 'thesaurus of inventions and of all the parts of rhetoric'. In these opening paragraphs, Augustine is speaking of the images from sense impressions, which are stored away in the 'vast court' 4 * Confessions, X, 8 (Pusey's translation).

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