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She heard only her own name. All her hostility seemed to dissipate. But suddenly, not in the least as she had pictured it, Mimi saw Max and Susanne. They did not even acknowledge her. Susanne casually glanced her way, touched Max's hand, and drew his attention to a display on the right, as if something had taken her fancy. Max, at ease and unconcerned, looked Mimi's way, then turned back to Susanne with an affectionate smile. The crowd separating them had passed, and Mimi, ablaze with rage, found herself face to face with the couple.

But Hugh was not prepared for this and naively expected that the millions were already piling up for him. Hugh began by writing letters to all the big arms factories. He received no reply. He wrote again, inquiring about the arrival of his letters. Nobody answered. Hugh went in person to one factory. The director was engaged. The secretary who came out to speak to him said that offers of new inventions were discussed in the factory by a special committee three times a year, that the next meeting was due in two months' time and that presentation of drawings and models was required.

All right, a little tiny one," said Madge. They were enjoying themselves on the whole, and this enraged me. You know I do not care for such moods. All these raptures, delights, reveries, hopes, engender in me a condition not unlike sea­ sickness. But there was nothing I could do. All the same, in my heart of hearts I reckoned that in the end it might not turn out so perfectly. The following day, when Hugh stepped out on to the side balcony, the cries of newspaper sellers reached him. "Second edition!

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