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The Ben cao gang mu, compiled within the moment half the 16th century via a staff led through the healthcare professional Li Shizhen (1518–1593) at the foundation of formerly released books and modern wisdom, is the most important encyclopedia of usual heritage in a protracted culture of chinese language materia medica works. Its description of virtually 1,900 pharmaceutically used average and man-made elements marks the apex of the advance of premodern chinese language pharmaceutical wisdom. The Ben cao gang mu dictionary bargains entry to this striking paintings of 1,600,000 characters. this primary booklet in a three-volume sequence analyzes the that means of 4,500 historic affliction phrases.

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QJYF 23 SE man li yü zhi 剫努冊㜲˖⋫ࠑ䓛䄨㲅ⲭ俱╨╨䮧լⲜ, “Cures all cases of slowly growing white variegation similar to xuan-illness at any location on the body”. Bai bo feng ⲭ俱付, white variegation wind [5] PC identical with Æ bai dian feng ⲭⲌ付, white patches wind. TPSHF 24: ⋫ⲭ 俱付䄨ᯩ, “All recipes to treat white variegation wind”. Bai chong ⲭ㸢, white worm [20] EA, PC; AD of Æ cun bai chong ረⲭ㸢, inch-long white worm. BJ SE ya zi ⢉ ᆀ˖৫ⲭ㸢ˈа਽⤬⢉, “It removes white worm; another name is lang ya”. Bai chuang ᮇⱑ, decay sores [9] PC CD of Æ chuang ⱑ, sores, conditions that have not been cured for an extended period of time, and where local tissue has decayed assuming a dark color 46 and dries, without new tissue being generated.

BEN CAO GANG MU DICTIONARY 42 1. Abbreviations AD AN AW CC CD DC EA Fj IS Lj Mj N PC PE PI PM PN PP PTP PQ PS PuQ RE SE SEC TA TE VPC WBC Abbreviated Designation Alternative Names Alternative Writing Climatic Condition Combined Designation Disease Classification Etiological Agent. First juan Illness Sign Last juan Middle juan Note Pathological Condition Pharmacological Effect Pathological Item Pathological Mechanism Physiological Notion Pathological Product Pharmaceutical-technological Procedure Pharmacological Quality Pharmaceutical Substance Pulse Quality Recipe Entry Substance Entry Secondary Etiological Condition Therapeutic Approach Therapeutic Effect Veterinary Pathological Condition Wang Bing commentary 43 2.

QJYF 4: 喽僘ᮓˈ⋫㞩лॱҼ⯵㎅ ⭒ˈаᴠⲭᑦˈҼᴠ䎔ᑦ, “Powder with long gu cures the twelve diseases of the lower abdomen that result in childlessness. The first is named ‘white [discharge from below the] belt’. The second is called ‘red [discharge from below the] belt’”. Bai dan ⲭѩ, white cinnabar [1] PC of Æ dan du ѩ∂, cinnabar poison, with rashes of unclear red color brought forth by a combination of heat poison and wind cold. ZBYHL 31: ⲭѩ㘵ˈࡍⲬ ⲒⰋˈᗞ㲋㞛ˈྲ੩ˈ⯩䎧нⰋн䎔䶒ⲭ㢢DŽ⭡᥮付ߧˈ᭵֯㢢ⲭҏ, “As for white cinnabar, in its early stages there is itching and pain, and a slight empty swelling, as if inflated.

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