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Because the universe slowly dies, all demonkind is at warfare in a match of genocide. The prize? Nirvana. The Necrodelic, a demise addict who smokes the flesh of his sufferers as a drug, is decided to win this afterlife for himself. His quest has taken him to the planet Grystiawa, and right into a duel with a dream-devouring snake demon who's greater than he turns out. Grystiawa has additionally been selected because the ultimate battleground within the historical spider-serpent wars. As armies of arachnid monstrosities and ophidian gladiators converge upon the planet, the Necrodelic is pressured to decide on aspects in a cataclysmic strive against that can good turn out his dying. past Grystiawa, a Siamese dual incubus and succubus, a brain-raping nightmare fetishist, a gargantuan insect queen, and a complete universe of genocidal demons are forming conflict plans in their personal. looking at the apocalyptic carnage all of the whereas is devil himself, observing voyeuristically from the very Hell within which all those that fail could be damned to everlasting torment. Who will emerge effective from this cosmic armageddon? And what awaits the victor past the blood-drenched finish of time? The conflict starts off in Demonmachy. Twisting Satanic mythologies and japanese religions into an ultraviolent gruesome nightmare, the Messiah of demise Saga will rip your eyeballs correct from your cranium. hooked on its psychedelic darkness, you are going to instantly stitch and screw and staple and weld them again into their sockets so that you can learn extra. it truly is an intergalactic, interdimensional harrowing that you will by no means forget...and may well by no means get over.

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Lying limp in a dripping pile of self-mutilation, in a semiconscious state upon the altar, the Necrodelic waited with the black patience of a demon and the hungry patience of a vampire. Morpheus Rex eventually dragged his battered body from beneath the crucifix. He had watched the Necrodelic's ritual self-mutilation, wondering if he had been driven mad by his flesh-smoking addictions and death-smoking rituals, or perhaps by the serpent venom which had saturated his body. Regardless, the Dreaming Predator did not question the methods by which he attained his prey, and raised the Darkprism in his hand to absorb the Necrodelic just like any other victim.

Chariah stepped outside his flesh to observe himself and found that he was made entirely of crystal, his brain a glass sculpture in his crystal ball head, his organs visible beneath the transparent panes of his flesh, as translucent as the skin he pondered them through. He felt fragile, afraid that he would break if he moved; afraid that the winds and the tides, and the orbits of the planets and the gravitation pull of the stars, would shatter him if he did not. Chariah floated in the liquid cosmos now, past planets that were giant eyeballs, stars that were flaming hearts, comets that were monstrous phalluses, and black holes that were bottomless vaginas.

The tubes of the intricate straw bubbled with black fluid and squirming, wormlike substances as the Oneirophage drifted once again into drugged slumber, dreaming the nightmares of his victim, the nightmares of rape by a hermaphroditic Satan, of giving oneself venereal diseases, and of committing suicide while masturbating with a saw and dripping meathook. 10 Jackal-headed harpies gathered around the limp, unconscious body of the Necrodelic, their small breasts dangling and waving back and forth as they lapped up the shimmering, viscous synthesis of blood, drugs, and filth seeping through the corridor.

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