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Lett. 86 (2001) 3500. 8. PHENIX Collaboration (K. ), Phys. Rev. C65 (2002) 031901. 9. B. ), 10. H. Ackerman et d,), Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 (2001) 402. 11. A. ), arXiv:nucl-ex/0303001. 12. STAR Collaboration (C. ), Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 (2001) 182301. 13. Heiselberg, Levy, Phys. Rev. C59 (1999) 2716. 14. B. Back et aZ), Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 (2002) 222301, Nucl. Phys. A715 (2003) 611. 15. R. Hanbury-Brown, R. Q. Twiss, Phil. Mag. Ser. 7, Vol. 45,No. 366 (1954) 663, Nature 178 (1956) 1046. 16. S. Pratt, Phys.

Is the particle production universal between AA, pp, pp, and e+e- at high energy, and if so, why? Much work remains to be done to study this strongly interacting matter more quantitatively and to resolve the puzzles. Fortunately, the detectors and accelerator are undergoing continuous upgrades and the prospects for a continued rich harvest of physics from RHIC look excellent. Acknowledgments Essential help in the assembly of this proceedings was provided by David Hofman (U. Illinois, Chicago). Some of the material in the original lecture presentation was provided by Barbara Jacak (SUNY, Stony Brook) and Thomas Ullrich (BNL).

Left panel: PHOBOS data at 130 GeV 4 2 . Right panel: BRAHMS data at 200 GeV 43. It should also be noted that the saturation model was one of the few models to correctly predict all of the following: the 130 and 200 GeV midraand the centrality dependence at all three enerpidity multiplicity gies 45. Figure 18 shows the fits to 130 and 200 GeV data from PHOBOS and BRAHMS respectively. The pseudorapidity and energy dependence are primarily controlled by the X parameter, which is extracted from deep inelastic scattering data.

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