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By Lyle E. Schaller

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This writer tackles one of many least taught matters in seminary and but one of many parts most typical to difficulties for cutting-edge clergy. a truly necessary education and resourcing instrument.

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Many a church promotion has been geared around a competitive, statusgratifying motif. "Let's beat Calvary" is a theme which has spurred many to work toward goals which were more lofty than the motivation. " Surely none would deny the validity of certain basic Christian obligations. We might hope that one who is motivated by the oughtness impetus would come to have other operative factors in his motivational makeup. Dispensing information, giving the facts, the appeal to reason, is an approach that seems to stimulate some to action.

A new cartoon is prepared each quarter to reflect the reality of that point in the history of the church's finances. Another widespread example of self-defeating behavior is the opposition to the formation of meaningful fellowship groups within the congregation. "3 Most serious efforts to build strong, tightly knit supportive groups in which membership is especially meaningful to the members face this "trade-off" question. The trade-off is usually the trading off of turnover and ease of entry for newcomers in favor of continuity, cohesiveness, loyalty, and mutual support.

What Makes People Act or React? What causes an impetus which operates on one's will and drives one to action? There are no simple answers to such a complex question. Motivation research volumes could almost fill a library. The factors seem to be too many and too varied to afford any one line of explanation. More often than not, persons seem to act as a result of an amalgam of motives. " Like a swinging pendulum on a clock, however, there is the "tock" side. With persons, there are many, many sides.

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