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By Joseph Kostiner

ISBN-10: 3531162055

ISBN-13: 9783531162058

This publication analyzes 4 major episodes of clash and security that have affected the Gulf sector over the past 3 many years: the Iran-Iraq warfare (1980-1988), which effected the Gulf Cooperation Council from an in depth, neighborly distance; the Iraq-Kuwait warfare (1990-1991), which constituted an try to invade the GCC and dispose of one in every of its member states, Kuwait; next makes an attempt to reestablish a neighborhood inter-state balance within the Gulf (during the mid-1990s, nearly) and the struggle of Islamic terrorism opposed to Saudi Arabia.

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Khomeini also encouraged the Iraqi army and people to rebel against their government, stating, “The people and army of Iraq must turn their back on the Ba’ath regime and overthrow it ... because this regime that is attacking Iran ... is _________________________________________________ 35 King, p. 9. ” Khomeini’s rhetoric designed to incite Iraq’s Shi‘is to rebel against its own government was a miscalculation. Khomeini appears to have overestimated the Shi‘is’ loyalty to their co-religionists in Iran, and overlooked the level of penetration the Iraqi power structure had achieved in Iraqi society.

There were no Shi‘is on the Revolutionary Command Council. However, groups like Al Daawa al Islamiya, were not seeking representation from the Ba’athists. Al Daawa was ideologically opposed to Ba’athist rule. The secret group was formed in response _________________________________________________ 26 Ervand Abrahamian, Iran, Between Two Revolutions (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1982), p. 440. 44 Part One: The Iran-Iraq War to Ba’athist neglect of Islam and Islamic institutions, and to protest the Ba’athist state alliance with Communism and the Soviet Union.

In July 1968, a bloodless coup brought to power the Ba’athist general Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr, and his close associate Saddam Hussein. Disputes within the party continued and the government periodically purged its dissident members. In September 1977, all members of the Ba’ath Regional Command also became members of the Iraqi state’s Revolutionary Command Council, which meant the party and state became indistinguishable. Al-Bakr resigned in 1978, and Saddam became president. S. allied forces. Since their inception, the Ba’athist regimes of Syria and Iraq have often been diametrically opposed.

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