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By Elizabeth Anne Benard

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This is often the 1st monograph which examines the infrequent Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess, Chinnamasta, her rituals, her names and varieties (namarupa) and their symbolism via evaluating and contrasting her sadhanas (spiritual practices) in Hinduism and Buddhism. the whole Hindu ''Chinnamastatantra'' part from the Sakta Pramoda, the Buddhist ''Chinnamunda Vajravarahisadhana'' and the ''Trikayavajrayoginistuti'' are translated for the 1st time into English. considering that Chinnamasta is an extraordinary goddess, her texts weren't popularized or made ''fashionable'' in keeping with the dictates of a selected crew at a specific time. The earliest extant texts date from the 9th and 10th centuries-a time while Hindu and Buddhist Tantras have been constructing less than universal affects within the related locations in India. Having such texts approximately Chinnamasta Chinnamasta from those centuries, you can still start to comprehend the mutuality of a basic Tantric culture and the exclusivity of a selected Hindu or Buddhist Tantric culture. as a result the examine, not just examines Chinnamasta, but in addition makes an attempt to appreciate what's a Tantric culture.

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Tills tcxt calls her ChinnarnunJa Arya (T 'phag~= nuhlc or exalted). ') who protect Buddhrsm in Tibet. 44. ):lkini, frequently associated with \'ajrayogini, l>ut this name is probably an epithet for Princess Lak~milikara. 4'5. J. 1m don. Houtkdge and Kc:-gan Paul, 1l>7'>17'5-76. 4G. nrrred at a place in :'\iepal presently known as ~amo Buddha (or 111 T1l>etan as o;"f':Jg mo lu~ _,Lwm, "olfcnng IHs hoJy to the tigress") 47. ) 49. ·Inc five paths in ascending order are the equipment, practice, ,·is1on.

The Purificatory (~ern and tts Cleaning: A Late Tibetan Polemical Dtscussion of Apocryphal Texts', Hiscorv of Religions, Feb. <;tj 72. 21 \'oi2H, no3 .. 229ff. Kap~tein presents the various positions adopted hy the four T1l>etan Buddhist sects concerning the authenticity of gccr ma texts. "I here an· so many dlflcrcnt date- assigned to dGa · rab rdo rjc and Padmasamhhava. ng Khri srong Ide btsan ("7';';- -:'9-:")). 73. "'1. 7S. "'6. 77. marayanan:"'O. VaJra is a very common word in Buddhist Tantra.

A Pi[has: S-6. Sec Sircar for an extensive account of the pi[has (pp. 80-100). 3:101 ff. Sircar: 48. : Sircar states that Mahala~mi stands for Kamala and Durga for Matangi. 11). 1s3: 25. Some of the names arc dtffcrem but they indioue the same deity-Tarini for Tara, Bhuvana for Bhuvanc5vari, Bhrgukula for Parasurama, and Chinna for Chinnamasta. I have found only the twcr-Cuhyallguhya Tancra and Mu~(,iamala. , Hindu c;oddesscs 161-()2. a arc both worshipped on the founccnth day of the bright fortntght of Vaisakha month (April-May).

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