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By Ian Lemke, Jackie Cassada, Brian Campbell, Richard E. Dansky, Chris Howard, Angel McCoy, Neil Mick,

ISBN-10: 1565047168

ISBN-13: 9781565047167

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Other homesteads have sprung up as well, peopled by changelings who have no ties to the nobles at all. Many of these commoners took up residence in the Dreaming in response to the return of the sidhe. Still other changelings have been in the Dreaming all along—and many of them resent the intrusion of this new wave of Kithain. Trods come in all shapes and sizes. They may parallel roadways in the real world or ignore terrain entirely, drifting out over the sea or up into the sky. Some twist through mountain caverns or lead down to the bottoms of still, crystalline lakes.

This transformation allows a changeling to see beyond the mundane facade and glimpse the infinite boundaries of the Dreaming. Gifted with the ability to see both what is and what might be, a changeling occupies a world of ever-widening possibilities, limited only by her own imagination and creativity. This difference in perception is no simple overlay like a rainbow oilslick atop a puddle. A sparkling otherworld of faerie magic exists alongside and within the mortal world, a very part of it. It is within this chimerical reality that changelings live.

Such rare creatures may become even more dangerous, or fearful of having their existences ended. Many disappear into the Dreaming soon after becoming self-aware. Among of the most feared chimera are the noctnitsa, which take their forms from a changeling's nightmares. They usually assume shapes that directly or symbolically echoes a changeling's greatest and most debilitating phobia (such as becoming a gigantic poison-dripping spider to those who are pathologically terrified of arachnids). Endowed with obsessive malice, noctnitsa are mostly mindless, but driven to torment their creators.

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