By the Sword (Adversary Cycle/Repairman Jack, Book 12) - download pdf or read online

By F. Paul Wilson

ISBN-10: 1429955619

ISBN-13: 9781429955614

By the Sword takes up the adventures of Repairman Jack without delay after Bloodline. Jack is employed to discover a mythical eastern sword, a katana stolen from the Hiroshima Peace Museum and taken to long island urban. relevant characters contain the participants of a unusual eastern cult, a tender jap businessman and his 3 Yakuza bodyguards, plus Hank Thompson, the Kicker cult chief from Bloodline. The cult, the businessman, the Yakuza, and the Kickers are trying to find the sword besides.

Also within the combine is the pregnant teen wearing a baby, loaded with irregular DNA, who could be a decisive strength within the cosmic shadow battle raging behind the curtain. She turns into a pawn within the video game, hunted through each side. Following his traditional m.o., Jack maneuvers each side right into a bloody melee from which he plans to waltz away with the fabled katana. in fact, while issues don't move as deliberate, Jack needs to improvise (and he hates to improvise). By the Sword takes F. Paul Wilson's trademark breakneck pacing and interweaving storylines to a brand new point.

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Finally, the young man exhaled, and relaxed forward a little, his shoulders slumping. At this sign of capitulation, Derek moved away, pulling a chair from the table behind him and sitting in it, still close enough to David to touch him, but allowing some breathing space, to give the impression of freedom. Rachel allowed herself a slight smile at that, since it was the direct result of a prolonged argument between the two of them months earlier about personal space and the abuse thereof. Who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks?

I slipped through, sideways and sly, and lost the hounds behind me. I wasn't thinking of escape, so they couldn't read it in me. But I did it. " A pause, and he shuddered; even deep hypnosis was not enough to keep the fear completely at bay. "But they found me again. Found me, chased me. And now they're here. And they want me back. I won't go back. I won't! " His voice escalated to shouts, and Rachel had no option but to bring him back into awareness quickly, before he injured himself. But he was panicking, floundering like a swimmer caught in the undertow of his own memories, and she couldn't reach him.

On the other side of the door, Rachel let out a soft laugh. "Well, I am. When the brain stops coming up with anything coherent, I've generally taken that as a sign to get some sleep. And Derek turned in a while back, although I don't doubt he's still up reading. " The thought of Nick's easy, undemanding companionship was appealing, but he was less sure about Alex. She looked at him oddly, and that made him uneasy. "Sleep sounds like a good idea. Good night, Rachel. And ... " "You're welcome, David.

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