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By A. Gogatz, R. Mondejar

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Many businesses and enterprises have discovered it tough to increase artistic talents. The authors argue that whereas contributors have inherent creativity there are many assassins or boundaries that block person artistic improvement. This daring new method of creativity enhancement will concentration upon tips on how to get rid of obstacles and create stipulations below which creativity can flourish.

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Someone enters and asks you how old you are. You’ve no mirror to see your reflection. What would you say? How old would you say you were if you didn’t know how old you are? Most adults have a difficult time answering this question. In fact, most insist that they cannot answer it, while creative adults quickly come up with a number. The question here is, how old do you feel? In fact, how old do you feel? Most highly creative people feel far younger than they actually are. It’s normal. After all, they’re really childlike adults.

Your work, any creative work, whether it be art or ideas, must be capable of disturbing people enough to wake them up, enough to make them start to become more aware of things they routinely see but still don’t see or don’t want to see. All artists know that art is meant to disturb. It is not meant to please. Entertainment does that. True art may entertain, but its primary purpose is to stimulate, to provke a reaction. Every creative work is meant to disturb. Creativity threatens the structure and suppositions of our rational orderly society and way of life.

The tree. Ridiculous, you snort? Trees don’t have perspectives. What about Mother Willow in Pocahontas? Disney gave her the personality of a kind, wise grandmother and the audiences believed it. So why can’t trees have perspectives? ■ Damn bird! I’m glad he’s gone! He was a pig anyway, biting my bars and doing you-know-what all over me! Whew! What a relief! Am I glad he’s gone! Good riddance! Do you hear me up there? Good riddance! Hey, wait! If he flies away, they’ll put something else inside me, some- 41 42 Business Creativity thing … something worse, like a rat or maybe something slimy like, ugh, a big snake!

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