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By Satkari Mookerjee

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An Exposition of the Philosophy of serious Realism as Expounded by way of the varsity of Dignaga

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48] This display of bored indifference to Ibsen was a very uncharacteristic response among English socialists; and Hyndman implied, in another section of his memoirs, that Ibsenist ideas, as expounded and celebrated by Shaw, were not (and could not be) so lightly dismissed in the 1890s. Referring to the 'merciless castigation' of these ideas by Herbert Burrows in the SDF's newspaper, Justice, he commended the fact that his colleague had 'seriously' addressed himself to confronting the issues which Shaw had raised.

Shaw for one brought these out in the course of writing about Ibsen in an anarchist newspaper. [116] This statement has definite echoes of Dr Stockmann's thunderings against the tyranny of the majority in the last act of An Enemy of the People. , The s t ronges t man is he who stands alone'. was Stockmann's motto; and his creator's own determination to 'stand alone', reflected in his refusal to commit himself to any group or party ideology, exposed a side of his nature which was not just apolitical but actually anti-political.

36j Among the other Ibsen champions mentioned in the report of the Playgoers' Club but unacknowledged by Shaw were a 'Mr Bernstein' (evidently a reference to the same socialist luminary who later spotted the resemblance between Aveling and Shaw's Dubedat);[37j J. T. [39j At the time, however, he seems to have regarded such exercises as having a certain sociological significance and polemical value. [43j Even so, his grimly moralistic speculations about the fate which overtook Nora Helmer's family when she abandoned it at the end of Ibsen's play provided Shaw with an excellent opportunity for entering into the fray again on Ibsen's behalf, and presenting a completely different verdict on the play from a completely different viewpoint.

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