Beyond Trinity (Aquinas Lecture 34) by Bernard J. Cooke PDF

By Bernard J. Cooke

ISBN-10: 0585306508

ISBN-13: 9780585306506

ISBN-10: 0874621348

ISBN-13: 9780874621341

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So, it seems logical that the early Church, trying to explain its faith in the risen Christ, would have been constrained to draw as accurately as possible from its recollections of the actual historical happenings of Jesus' life. " Certainly this is not to advocate a naive fundamentalism in approaching the Gospels, nor is it a suggestion that one neglect the various types of critical analysis that have been developed so painstakingly and utilized so profitably by exegetes these past decades. T.

28 This kind of reasoning permits the theologian to show that there is no clear contradiction in the dogmatic formulations of trinitarian Page 22 belief. It also permits him to ascribe certain titles or attributes more appropriately, though not properly, to one divine person rather than to anotheras, for example, "power" to the Father. 29 As a matter of fact, the great mediaeval treatises on the Trinity are an impressive display of metaphysical and psychological insight and of complicated deductive reasoning.

This does not mean that we must settle for a vague and uncritical feeling or intuition. There is the opportunity and the need for a broad-based and methodologically careful effort of investigation, one in which contemporary psychology, sociol- Page 57 ogy, philosophy are all brought to bear on the concrete religious phenomenon of Christian experience in order to purify and extend faith's consciousness of the action of the Spirit, and therefore of the Spirit's own identity. Theology must also employ the "analogy of faith" by which one aspect of divine revelation throws light on others, 68 and draw from a sharpened understanding of Father and Son, since the Spirit is their Spirit in whom they find incomparable personal expression of their union with and distinction from one another.

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Beyond Trinity (Aquinas Lecture 34) by Bernard J. Cooke

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