Beyond the Door by Jeffrey Thomas PDF

By Jeffrey Thomas

From the wildly inventive storyteller at the back of Punktown and different unusual worlds, comes the novella past THE DOOR.

Two strangers meet in a educate station, and start swapping stories—stories that eerily interweave, and develop a growing number of nerve-racking and peculiar. The headless undead, a ugly flea circus, flesh-eating bugs, and a menacing condominium that won’t remain placed. those are only many of the stories that may show as a lot in regards to the teller as they do the mysteries at the back of that frayed curtain we name reality.

BEYOND THE DOOR is a narrative approximately how we hook up with each other via storytelling—and tantalize ourselves with the unknown.

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St. ” With a twist of her wrist, Scout turned the knob and pushed open her bedroom door. “My God,” I said, staring into the space. “There’s so much . . ” Every inch of space in Scout’s tiny room, but for the rectangle of bed, was filled with shelves. And those shelves were filled to overflowing. They were double-stacked with books and knickknacks, all organized into tidy collections. There was a shelf of owls—some ceramic, some wood, some made of bits of sticks and twigs. A group of sculpted apples—the same mix of materials.

First off, on behalf of the denizens of Chicago”—she put a hand against her heart—“welcome to the Windy City. ” She frowned. ” “Close enough,” I said. ” She nodded, then swept a hand through the air. ” She walked to the bed and, like a hostess on The Price Is Right, caressed the iron frame. ” “Of course,” I solemnly said. Scout turned on her heel, the skirt swinging at her knees, and pointed at the simple wooden bureau. ” Then she swept to the window and, with a tug of the blinds, revealed the view.

There it was. I didn’t need to know what the “Sneak” was to figure out her game—stealing a boy from under Scout’s nose. If I’d had any interest in Michael, it would have been hard for me to avoid clawing that superior look right off Veronica’s face. But Scout did good—she played the bigger girl, crossing her arms over her chest, her expression bored. “That’s great, Veronica. If you think Michael’s interested in you, you should go for it. ” Her enthusiasm put a frown on Veronica’s face. Veronica was pretty—but the frown was not flattering.

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