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By Guha S

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"Beyond Caste" lines the numerous alterations South Asian society throughout the centuries and indicates how 'caste' will be understood as a politically inflected and complicated kind of ethnic stratification that continued throughout spiritual affiliations.

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Important early Marathi texts used the name Marāṣṭa (later Maratha) for both language and ethnic group in western India as early as 1290. When the learned Arab traveler Ibn Battuta traveled through region a few decades later, he remarked that it was the territory of the tribe or qabīla of Marhatta. 27 Here then, we find Ibn Battuta 25 Bruce B. , Nizam ad-Din Awliya: Morals for the Heart with an Introduction by Khaliq A. Nizami (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1992), 352–353. The conversation occurred in 1320.

29 Various devices can then mark the boundaries in different societies— restrictions on commensality or conjugality, on dress or comportment or residence, speech variants, and so on. To explain social exclusion by the existence of the ‘boundary marker’ itself is to confuse the relation between label and content. Ideas of purity may be less significant aspects of social inequality for some groups than others, as van der Veer pointed out in 1993. 30 As we shall see below, the coercive enrollment of distinct ethnic groups into a hierarchy of power is exactly how Max Weber, one of the founders of modern sociological thought, visualized a caste system taking shape.

It was then that academic theorists cut off the non-Hindu communities and moved increasingly toward a ‘religious values’ definition of ‘caste’. That in turn, has been challenged by scholars from several disciplines as they sought to grasp the actual workings of an old and complex society. Successive sections of this chapter will elaborate each of these arguments. Names and Things, or Who Invented ‘Caste’? 6 Late-coming European powers contested Portuguese empire but still adopted the Portuguese language for navigational, business, and geographical knowledge.

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