Richard Laymon's Beware PDF

By Richard Laymon

ISBN-10: 0843961376

ISBN-13: 9780843961379

Utilizing historical black magic a deadly, vindictive maniac is made omnipotent by way of his skill to develop into invisible. Raping and murdering his means round the States, he's biding his time earlier than gratifying his one wish - to get regardless of the highschool belle who rejected him years sooner than.

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Elsie peered through a window. “I don’t see anything. ” “Let’s go in,” Lacey whispered. She rubbed her arms. In spite of the night’s heat, she had goose bumps. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea, she decided as Elsie pushed the key into the lock. But it had been her idea. She could hardly back out now. Besides, she did want to find out what had caused the trouble. Elsie pushed open the door and entered. Lacey followed her in. The hardwood floor creaked under their footsteps. They stopped near the counter.

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