Behind The Veil (1906) by Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, Austin Osman Spare PDF

By Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, Austin Osman Spare

ISBN-10: 0548858977

ISBN-13: 9780548858974

This booklet is a facsimile reprint and should include imperfections corresponding to marks, notations, marginalia and incorrect pages.

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Know not whence, that the raids had begun again, fiercer and more daring than before. A stillness of terror was upon our village, and in all Then rumours drifted to us, blown I men's faces the strain and pallor of fear. Many planned for a flight to the woods at the first certainty of danger, for even the boldest hearts deemed resistance to be impossible. One night there came a fugitive flying from a village which used to stand not thirty miles distant which stood no more, but was marked by smouldering ashes.

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Behind The Veil (1906) by Ethel Rolt-Wheeler, Austin Osman Spare

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