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Goldwater displayed talent as a salesman, and by the time Wilson moved on in 1937, Baron's son had proven himself ready to be president of the operation. He had already tried out a number of ideas, some of them more inspired than others, and demonstrated his knack for promotion. The most publicized example came with "Antsy Pants," boxer shorts with red ants emblazoned on them, that sold faster and to more people around the country than one can imagine. ' " By decade's end Goldwater's had achieved great success through sales by direct mail and a few small advertisements in national magazines.

So, "Mun," as her son always called her, had the primary role in raising the three children, who were brought up in the Episcopal Church.  Barry Goldwater Photograph Col- lection, courtesy of the Arizona Historical Foundation Page 9 children. He enjoyed wandering over to the Arizona Club to play cards, and he liked to dress well. " He could not imagine that it would develop past a certain point. " Mun introduced her children to the world beyond the small town of Phoenix. Through camping trips and other excursions she helped kindle from their earliest memory a love of the outdoors and a curiosity about the wonders in the extraordinary country encompassed within Arizona's borders.

Goldwater became an Arizona patriarchfree, as always, to speak his mind, expressing his opinions in a candid, unpretentious style. I attempt here a western biography, in keeping with this series published by the University of Oklahoma Press. I acknowl- Page xv edge that the national and international aspects of Goldwater's career must be analyzed, but I am determined not to rehearse them at great length. Readers who wish a highly detailed account of Senator Goldwater's views or actions about some particular concern that I choose not to recount here can consult many other published sources.

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