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By Mike Black, Daniel Castillo

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This new name courses the reader via handling backups and catastrophe recoveries through targeting functional info, troubleshooting, and useful anecdotes.

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You need to select your backup media. Having only one computer limits your choices on what kind of media you can use, since you will probably not be accessing a SAN or a NAS, for example. Tapes, even though they have been around a while, are extremely rare for one-computer backup use. A. As file sizes and capacity needs grow larger and larger, previously popular backup media is no longer practical. With approximately 700 MB, even CDs do not have enough space on them to provide a comprehensive backup on most computers.

It is called grandfather-father-son because the scheme establishes a kind of hierarchy: Grandfather = The one monthly backup Fathers = The four weekly backups Sons = The four daily backups How to implement the grandfather-father-son scheme: 1. Designate one tape per weekday, from Monday to Thursday. All the Mondays of the month would be on one tape and all the Tuesdays of the month would be on another tape, just like the simple daily backup scheme. 2. Every Friday, use a different tape to run a weekly backup.

Versions of UNIX also usually come with some form of a backup utility. In the following figure, the backup software is installed on each user’s machine. The software takes the files that are either on the user’s machine or on the server and stores them onto the tape drive. The tape drive is physically attached to the server. For backup purposes, the only function of the server here is to provide shared access to the tape drive. The file server performs none of the backup processing, which is performed on each user’s computer.

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