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By Dennis Waite

ISBN-10: 1846946247

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Publish 12 months note: First released in 2007

Advaita is a non secular philsophy in response to the Upanishads, older than such a lot different non secular platforms we all know approximately but additionally the main logical in its procedure. This booklet presents a scientific therapy of Advaita which demystifies it, differentiating among ways & lecturers, so that you can make a decision which technique is best suited for you.

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It was almost dusk. The Master and M. stood talking alone near the door on the southeast verandah. ): "The mind of the yogi is always fixed on God, always absorbed in the Self. You can recognize such a man by merely looking at him. His eyes are wide open, with an aimless look, like the eyes of the mother bird hatching her eggs. Her 136 entire mind is fixed on the eggs, and there is a vacant look in her eyes. " As evening came on, the temples were lighted up. Sri Ramakrishna was seated on his small couch, meditating on the Divine Mother.

If in the Nectar Lake of Mother Ka1i's feet My mind remains immersed, Of little use are worship, oblations, or sacrifice. Growth of divine love lessens worldly duties 128 "What is needed is absorption in God – loving Him intensely. The 'Nectar Lake' is the Lake of Immortality. A man sinking in It does not die, but becomes immortal. Some people believe that by thinking of God too much the mind becomes deranged; but that is not true. God is the Lake of Nectar, the Ocean of Immortality. He is called the 'Immortal' in the Vedas.

MASTER: "A man had two sons. The father sent them to a preceptor to learn the Knowledge of Brahman. After a few years they returned from their preceptor's house and bowed low before their father. Wanting to measure the depth of their knowledge of Brahman, he first questioned the older of the two boys. 'My child,' he said, 'You have studied all the scriptures. ' The boy began to explain Brahman by reciting various texts from the Vedas. The father did not say anything. Then he asked the younger son the same question.

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