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What then is time?' wrote St Augustine. 'If not anyone asks me i do know. If I desire to clarify it, i do know not'. Time is a not easy idea for philosophers, yet no much less so for the artist, critic, and artwork theorist. The individuals to this selection of essays, who signify humanities disciplines from universities world wide, have taken up this problem, delivering quite a number views at the subject 'Art and Time'.  Read more...

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It is in this same manner that the instant relates to time continuity: The instant is a limit or a boundary that unites the past with the future, and that simultaneously separates, divides, and guarantees their continuity, 33 Art and Time so constituting a maximum reality and a minimum duration. As time is a continuum, its existence is ultimately analogous to the existence of its indivisible element, namely, the instant. Time is continuous because of the instant and it is divided by it, in such a way that without time there is no instant, and without the instant there is no time.

But as the later Renaissance overlapped with the rise of the new science and the new philosophy, one anti-anthropocentric and the other extremely inward, the recourse to eternity shared by Greek and Christian systems alike was gradually leached away, leaving only the frightening secular sense of the fleetingness of individual time, whether cyclical or arrow-like, and the urgent need to cling on to it as it passes: as in Montaigne, for example (we must “tooth and nail retain the use of this life’s pleasures, which our yeares snatch from us”); and, of course, in that poem whose very title emphasizes the point, Paradise Lost.

16 “The ‘continuous’ is a subdivision of the contiguous: things are called continuous when the touching limits of each become one and the same and are, as the word implies, contained in each other: continuity is impossible if these extremities are two”. Aristotle, Phys. V, 3, 227a 10–15. , VI, 3, 234 a 3–24, where Aristotle says that the present is something that is an extremity of the past (no part of the future being on this side of it) and also of the future (no part of the past being on the other side of it).

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