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His " zum mwdesten " hardly docs justice to Ihe implications of the argument. T Cf. b. 1086 B 9-10. rairai M r i t Ka0&\ov \tyoiiiyai iH$wav), Metaphysics $$\ A, 29-31 may be an indication of the way in which Aristotle arrived at this interpretation. DIAERESIS, DEFINITION, AND DEMONSTRATION 7 relationship of this element to the transcendental idea of animal. The impossibility of this situation proves that there are no Platonic ideas (1039 B 7-19). Aristotle, then, by his assertion in the present topic that the assumption of transcendental ideas is equivalent to making the genus numerically one outlines one of the arguments against the existence of the ideas as such; moreover, the clearly implied doctrine that the genus cannot be numerically one indicates that behind this topic lurks the theory which in the Metaphysics (1037 B 10-1039 B 19) is developed in relation to the unity of definition and substance and out of which springs the attack on the ideas which is referred to above, namely that the genus is in some way or other the matter for the last differentia which is the form (1038 A 5-9 and 25-35) * Although the substance of these topics is elsewhere used to disprove the existence of ideas, Aristotle does not here refer to such a use of them, for the Topics is not concerned with ontology; the practical method of dialectic is the sole concern of this writing, and topics which employ the theory of ideas are described only because Aristotle and his auditors would frequently have occasion to debate with Platonists who would be expected to abandon any conclusion that could be plausibly represented as involving contradictions to the requisites of transcendental ideas.

N/c. 1M4 fl 21-25, Top/CS 120 A 27-31 £5rc ij <£pw}cr« jufa; T5V apnw ftrumjjMj}, Atatpt-

Theaetctus 181 C-D, Patmetitdes 138 B-C, Laws 893 D) is cited as an example of the error which consists in sub1228*25*36 ordinating genus to species Not all local change is translation, for this term is practically restricted, Aristotle argues, to involuntary local change such as that of inanimate objects; walking, for example, is not considered to be translation. Consequently the species here has greater extension than the genus. , p. , 226 A 33B 1). ib. N/'t. 1174 A 29-31; cf. De Pmt. Animal.

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