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The newcomers had competed directly for positions of political and economic power; now they were ostentatiously maintaining their individuality, their different values and mores. This was not restricted to the trade unions but was extended to the new economic groups favoured by the regime, bringing complaints about 'the submission of the national economy to the dictatorship of an industrial oligarchy close to [the present Government's circles]' (UCR, La Prensa, 17 Dec 1948). A number of expropriations of land and local businesses were made in a most haphazard way.

In cultural matters the Government met significant obstacles. The universities in particular became the centre of intellectual resistance. Traumatic intervention soon occurred; there were many dismissals, though not so many if they are judged by later standards. The 20 Argentina under Peron Government claimed that the universities represented an elitist and reactionary view of society and that it was necessary to open them to new groups. This allegation was not completely unfounded, but the way in which the attempt to open them was made was extremely awkward and contributed to a lowering of academic standards.

After all, many of these circumstances prevailed in other countries of Latin America but have not produced similar consequences. In Chile, for example, the radicalisation of political groups was much more intense than in Argentina, but subversive groups of the Movimiento de lzquierda Revolucionario (MIR) type played little part in the process. The most violent disturbance took place in 1969 in Cordoba. For a few days Cordoba saw violence in its streets, sniper shooting, rioting and physical destruction.

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