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Book Page 31 Friday, May 24, 2002 11:17 AM If you see a warning message about a “man in the middle attack” when you try to connect using SSH, that means the RSA key fingerprint on the server and your admin computer no longer match. This can happen if you use command-line tools to administer a remote server, establish an RSA key fingerprint, and later change your SSH configuration, perform a clean install of system software, or start up from the Mac OS X Server CD. ssh/known_hosts. You can use TextEdit or another editor to find the hostname or IP address and then delete the key.

To do this, type this command, replacing with the information you found in the list (“0” is the default flag): /usr/sbin/disktool -p 0 For example, to unmount the device above, type: usr/sbin/disktool -p disk1s9 0 Note: If you have a RAID volume, you will only see /dev/diskX. If so, use “disktool -u” instead of “disktool -p” to unmount it. 4 Initialize the file system. To do this, type: /sbin/newfs_hfs -w -v /dev/rdiskXsY 5 If you receive no warnings or error messages, remount the disk with this command: /usr/sbin/disktool -m 0 To return to the shell prompt, press the Control key and type c.

For help): C First block: 1824 Length in blocks: 20626448 Name of partition: vol1 Type of partition: Apple_HFS Command (? 5G) Device block size=512, Number of Blocks=241254720 Step 8: Add a second partition Create and name a second partition formatted as HFS out of the remaining free space listed in the partition map. The session, with output, looks like this: Top level command (? for help): C First block: 120628272 Length in blocks: 120626448 Name of partition: vol2 Type of partition: Apple_HFS Command (?

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