Appalachian Galapagos by David Whitman, Weston Ochse PDF

By David Whitman, Weston Ochse

APPALACHIAN GALAPAGOS follows the spoil luck of frightening Rednecks and different Inbred Horrors with authors Weston Ochse and David Whitman returning us to the realm of rednecks, human-skin beer cozies, city legends come to lifestyles, southern mythology, drunkards flying in garden chairs, contemplations at the nature of god, and the monsters inside us all. Galapagos cements its possession of the style starting with a grand opus of a novella co-written via either authors, that includes backwoods church buildings, boat rides, and bigfoots. Fourteen extra tales supply us wonderful glances right into a global of computer virus zappers, cheetos, and beer-fueled madness.

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