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By Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

ISBN-10: 0672318083

ISBN-13: 9780672318085

ISBN-10: 0768656737

ISBN-13: 9780768656732

This booklet has been regularly valuable. it truly is good written, seems to be actual, covers many issues, and is definitely listed. It doesn't have the extent of aspect that, say, a superb O'Reilly booklet has, yet i think it occurs to be pretty much as good as (or probably a slightly higher than) the O'Reilly booklet in this topic.

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Even supposing i've got a print reproduction of the e-book, I shuttle much so I placed all my "working reference books" on my kindle, so i don't need to hold loads of books ( WCF and Biztalk mostly ), So Amazon and writer, please submit this ebook for kindle. .. .

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Configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache make make install /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start You can change the prefix to something else if you want it installed somewhere other than /usr/local/apache. That’s the default location to install Apache. You are now done and can skip the rest of this chapter if you like. The rest of this chapter is for more patient people who want to control every detail of the installation process, or for Microsoft Windows users. Configuring Apache There are two ways to configure your Apache build.

Note Apache can be configured with other handlers for different types of URIs. See Chapter 14, “Handlers,” for more information. 2 HTTP The following sections cover just the three most commonly used methods. org/. txt, and is on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book. 3. 3 also describes the Range request header, which you can use to make a partial GET request. HEAD A HEAD request is similar to a GET request, except that the server should return only the headers that it would have returned for a GET request but not return the data portion.

Eric was already well known in the free software movement and had produced a substantial number of important software products, including GNU Emacs, NetHack, ncurses, and fetchmail. He wrote fetchmail, at least in part, as research into the mystery of why the Open Source software development model worked at all, when traditional capitalistic common sense says that it should not. org/~esr/writings/cathedral-bazaar/. 13 03 808-3 ch01 14 2/11/00 9:32 AM Page 14 Introducing Apache PART I Why Apache Works So Well Apache is just a fantastic product.

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Apache Server Unleashed by Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

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