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Iverson, an program improvement perform supervisor, exhibits Java builders the way to take complete good thing about Jakarta Commons. He starts off with an outline of the pursuits, set up, and use of the Commons elements, then provides example-rich chapters at the 12 most dear Commons programs, delivering specific code samples for each part. The e-book might be valuable for builders development code for front-end internet functions, client-side software program, or back-end servers.

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Html Listing 3-5. JTextField urlTextField; /** Initializes the Swing user interface. show(); } } Summary In this chapter, you've seen how a complex library can easily be used to handle something beyond the abilities of the default JDK. Working with cookies and handling both GET and POST requests are fundamental building blocks for the Internet. In the next chapter, you'll look at components for dealing with other fundamental building blocks, such as FTP and NNTP. Project Ideas Write a proxy server , recording the data sent between the browser and a web server.

HttpServletRequest; /** This static class is used to manage the files posted to the * server. */ public class Files { public static Hashtable getFiles() { return uploadedFiles; } private static Hashtable uploadedFiles = new Hashtable(); /** * List of blocked file extensions taken from the MS security * note posted at... wsh", // Also, don't allow people to upload code! separator"); /** * Used to determine if a file should not be uploaded based on * file extension. endsWith(blockedFileExtensions[i])) return true; } return false; } /** 32 * The base path corresponds to the base directory of the 33 * application context's WEB-INF directory.

Notice the text field at the top, allowing the user to specify a URL, and the two buttons. Figure 3-7. Initial Swing client view. Clicking the Load button sends a GET request to the specified URL. Figure 3-8 shows the client after clicking the Load button three timesyou'll notice that the counter cookie, displayed at the top of the page (along with the session cookie), is now set to three. The main text area shows the content of the retrieved page, and the bottom bar displays the response code as sent by the server.

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