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Even if i've got a print replica of the publication, I commute much so I placed all my "working reference books" on my kindle, so i don't need to hold loads of books ( WCF and Biztalk often ), So Amazon and writer, please post this booklet for kindle. .. .

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If everything went well, you should see output similar to the following: Adding Got result : 8 Removing Got result : 6 Getting Got result : 6 Apache Axis Live 30 Summary Summary This chapter covered quite a bit of material. You began with a brief look at what Axis is and how it implements some of the SOAP services. You then moved on to actually create an Axis web service, deploy that web service, and then execute the deployed web service. The goal of this chapter was to provide you with an overview of what Axis is and how you can use it.

IN); Upon first glance, it appears that you’re adding the parameter names and values used by the web service, but in reality, you are telling Axis to expect two parameters, sku and quantity. Their values will be of type String and Integer, respectively. invoke() method is invoked, which you will see in just a moment. The final property set is the expected return type, which for this example is Integer. XSD_INT); Note: In this example, the properties of the call object are set using each property’s explicit method.

It begins with the outermost element, , which tells Axis that you are going to be deploying an Axis web service. This element defines two namespaces: the standard Axis WSDD namespace and the Axis WSDD Java namespace. For the most part, you can ignore these namespace definitions; you should just know that they are necessary to prevent element collisions. Once you are past the element, you will start seeing the important parts of the deployment descriptor. The most important of these elements is ; all web services are defined using the element.

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