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By J. D. Ridge

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This quantity offers bibliographic and textural info which supplies a true knowing of the forty ore deposits in Western and West primary Europe. each one deposit is brought by means of a specific bibliography directory crucial literature. this can be by way of an in depth dialogue overlaying geological features together with the location, grade and tonnage of the ore produced including capability reserve, the stratigraphy and constitution of the rocks of the district, and the features and age of the ore physique. The e-book additionally features a component of maps, pin-pointing an important mineral deposits in each one sector, making this paintings a precious reference resource for all these operating within the fields of ore-deposit geology and exploration

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1 5 3 - 1 9 9 C a r v a l h o , D , and o t h e r s , 1 9 7 6 , L i v r o g u i a d a s e x c u r s o e s na f a i x a p i r i t o s a I b e r i c a : P o r t . S e r v . G e o l . C o m . , v. p. 271-315 geologicas 60, C a r v a l h o , D , and o t h e r s , C o o r d i n a t o r s , 1 9 7 6 , 1 1 1 ° R e u n i a o de G e o l o g i a do S u d - o e s t e do M a c i c o H e s p e r i c o de P e n i n s u a l Iberica, Huelva-Beja 1975 - Faixa Piritosa: Serv. G e o l . P o r t . , 1 9 7 1 , J a z i g o de p i r i t e de A l j u s t r e l - E s t u d i o da d i s t r i b u i c a o d o s t e o r e s em S, C u , Z n , Pb e A s n a s m a s s a s p i r i t o s a s : 1° C o n g .

1 3 , p. 4 0 3 - 4 0 4 1 B a r r i a g a de S o u s a , F. J. A . and K e r r i c h , R. 1 9 8 4 , E x t r e m e 0 e n r i c h e d v o l c a n i c s and 1^0 — e v o l v e d m a r i n e w a t e r , A l j u s t r e l , I b e r i a n p y r i t e b e l t : T r a n s i t i o n f r o m h i g h to low R a y l e i g h n u m b e r c o n v e c t i v e r e g i m e s : G e o c h i m . et C o s m o c h i m . A c t a , v. 4 8 , p . 1 0 2 1 - 1 0 3 1 8 B e a t o , M . , 1 9 7 6 , C o n t r i b u i c a o p a r a o c o n h e c i m e n t o da b i b l i o g r a p h i c a g e o l o g i c o - m i n e r o de P r o v i n c i a P i r i t o s a 37 Annotated Bibliographies of Mineral Deposits 38 s u d - o e s t e de P e n i n s u l a I b e r i c a e d o s s e u s G e o l .

Basham and his colleagues say, however, that they find nothing in their study of the Urgeiriga uraninites that would argue against Cameron's concept that the vein uraninite (pitchblende) was derived from the neighboring granite, but they are not certain that this process was sufficiently well developed to account for all the uranium (in pitchblende) in the ore veins. They do think that the uranium would have been transported during remobilization as uranyl carbonate and that a drop in the pressure of p C 0 2 in the open vein structures would have resulted in the deposition of uranium as the oxide.

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