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A Master who has stayed up all night and has meditated a lot, and who has earned the wealth of spirituality by working very hard, how would he like to give this wealth of spirituality to other people: By allowing them to eat from his plate, o r by allowing them to eat contaminated food? In the same way, when Guru Nanak wanted to remove the flies, He disguised Himself as a hunter, and he took some dogs with him and he had a sword in his hand. He told his disciples to follow him; but when his disciples saw him as a hunter, they felt very bad, and one by one they all left him.

He says, "0 Lord, You are the greatest of all. There is no one to whom we can compare You. You are Almighty. " Kabir Sahib says, "If you ask a dumb man to describe the taste of rock candy, how can he do it? All he can do is show how happy he is. In the same way when you have realized God, if someone asks you what God is like, how can you express it? He cannot be contained in any expression. " Master Sawan Singh Ji often used to say that if you want to describe the beauty of Taj Mahal, the famous building built by Emperor Shah Jahan in India, by comparing it to any other building we cannot do that: there is no building in this world to which we can compare the Taj Mahal.

At that time I was very young and those who were seeing me were very surprised, looking at my courage. They would say, "Look at that young boy. " Before going to the front, when we were sent for the medical check-up, the doctor asked our commander who should be recommended for having milk. " S o that was such a time when nobody wanted t o go the front. I was feeling very good about going to the front, and I was very willing to d o that because I was very courageous. And I was feeling proud of that also: that I was going to the front when nobody else wanted t o d o that.

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