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The pocket in query is a small pocket of resistance. A pocket is shaped while or extra humans come jointly in contract. The resistance is opposed to the inhumanity of the hot international financial order. the folks coming jointly are the reader, me and people the essays are approximately -- Rembrandt, Palaeolithic cave painters, a Romanian peasant, historical Egyptians, knowledgeable within the loneliness of yes inn bedrooms, canines at nightfall, a guy in a radio station.

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So begins an amazing scene recorded in The Forest People, an anthropological record of African forest pygmies Colin Turnbull lived with for several years. These forest people, as you might guess, were hunter-gatherers living in primeval jungle. Groups such as these also traded with people of a nearby agricultural settlement on the forest’s edge, their connection with the larger world. On what was a long pygmy weekend, Turnbull is sitting around with his informants as they discuss the impending leisure time.

The magazine is a kind of machine in the garden, transforming the New World into New Jersey. I took the money I made when Newhouse bought out the magazine and put it all into a toy company called Ohio Art. It’s traded on the American exchange. The company’s major product is the Etch A Sketch. They still make thousands of those thin red plastic boxes with that magic silver screen. You remember. You twisted the knobs, one for the vertical and one for the horizontal, and a picture appeared on the screen.

Mention of my book, I was delighted to discover, appeared not as a book review but as a sidebar on the front page, an interesting news item. Here, the reporter reported, is this curious other book by Dan. The result of this is that I now think of the work I do more as the making of things, of objects, instead of simply the generation of text. I would like these artifacts to then more or less modulate the stream of dreaming that is present in our collective consumption of narrative everywhere. I am more conscious and desire more control of the complete package and presentation of my written work as a means to insert my bit of code within all the other coding going on.

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