Allegiance (The Remaining, Book 5) by D. J. Molles PDF

By D. J. Molles

ISBN-10: 0316404268

ISBN-13: 9780316404266

This can be the 5th, never-before-published, novel within the action-packed sequence following certain Forces Captain Lee Harden and a bunch of survivors suffering to outlive whereas rebuilding an the US devastated via a bacterium that has grew to become ninety% of the inhabitants right into a starving horde.
Through an overpowering hurricane of ache and adversity Captain Lee Harden has fought and survived. yet his challenge continues.

Recovering from his wounds, psychological and actual, he needs to rally his partners at Camp Ryder and thrust back opposed to the nonetheless swarming hordes of the contaminated that threaten to extinguish an already devastated society.

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A shuddering moan came from the speaker hidden in the hanged man. The severed head winked. The legs of the man tied to the chair jerked while the speaker in his body emitted pathetic sobs, which would eventually subside to whimpers, then a death gurgle—which nine out of ten people on the wagons never heard because they were too busy screaming in terror. " but only once before she cut the power. This time she pressed the middle button on the remote control. There was only a single hundred-watt bulb for the whole barn, which provided the perfect balance of light and shadow for the show.

But the shadow didn't approach, or move. Or make a sound. That gave her the courage to take a step closer. It was the stupid suicidal dummy from last year, abandoned and shoved into this far corner in disgrace. Ashley realized how raggedly she had been breathing. It smelled of dusty heat up here, despite the coolness of the October night, the air thick and hard to breathe. But she stayed long enough to check behind the dummy, behind the hay bales—though nothing bigger than a medium-sized dog could have hidden behind them.

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