Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 21 by P.D. Evans, V.B. Wigglesworth (Eds.) PDF

By P.D. Evans, V.B. Wigglesworth (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120242214

ISBN-13: 9780120242214

This most recent quantity during this sequence includes articles on numerous insect physiological subject matters from the apprehensive process to the cuticle and circulatory procedure.

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This is followed by the transient appearance of granule-containing cells among the damaged perineurial and underlying glia. Changes also occur in the neural lamella, which, within 4 days, becomes darker and thinner. There is considerable glial disruption, although the perineurial cells close to the larger severed axons retain their characteristic appearance, but with greatly enlarged intercellular clefts. At this stage, in the severed cockroach metathoracic nerve, many of the smaller axons have already degenerated, the remaining cavities being filled with cellular debris, glial folds and quantities of matrix material (Blanco, 1987) The rates of degeneration of insect neuromuscular junctions are temperature dependent.

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