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By Fançois Bancilhon; Peter Buneman (eds.)

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As shown in the example, the function can be called with a string literal expression or a variable as the parameter. Functions can also return values. For example, consider the following code fragment that declares and uses a function heading( ), which returns a string using the return statement: function heading($text, $headingLevel) { switch ($headingLevel) { case 1: $result = "


"; break; case 2: $result = "


"; break; case 3: $result = "


"; break; default: $result = "


"; } return($result); } $test = "User-defined Functions"; 62 63 print heading($test, 2); The function takes two parameters: the text of a heading and a heading level.

0, while the number 123 is an integer. 02 $var4 = 2e-2 You've already seen examples of strings earlier in the chapter. Here are two more example string variables: $variable = "This is a string"; $test = 'This is also a string'; Along with the value, the type of a variable can change over the lifetime of the variable. Consider an example: $var = 15; $var = "Sarah the Cat"; This fragment is acceptable in PHP. The type of $var changes from integer to string as the variable is reassigned. Letting PHP change the type of a variable as the context changes is very flexible and a little 37 38 dangerous.

The same rules are used for automatic type conversion as demonstrated previously in Table 2-1. 0; // $var is set as a string = "39 Steps" $var = 39 . " Steps"; Not all type conversions are so obvious and can be the cause of hard-to-find bugs: // $var is set as an integer = 39 $var = 39 + " Steps"; // $var is an integer = 42 $var = "3 blind mice" + 39; // $var is a float, but what does it mean? 14159; Automatic type conversion can change the type of a variable. 5 $var *= 2; // $var is still a float == 3 55 56 Care must be taken when interpreting non-Boolean values as Boolean.

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