Acrylic Painting With Lee Hammond - download pdf or read online

By Lee Hammond

ISBN-10: 1600615805

ISBN-13: 9781600615801

Guideline for newbies - effects Like a Pro!

You can discover ways to paint with ability and self assurance. Lee Hammond makes portray with acrylics obtainable and enjoyable with sound assistance, useful information and inspiring advice.

As Lee explains, the magic of acrylic portray is within the layers. portray in layers makes it effortless to dam out shapes, upload information and canopy error. simply persist with alongside step-by-step, and very quickly you'll be portray quite a few appealing topics so lifelike and particular nobody will think you're only a beginner.

Starting with the fundamentals, Lee's masterful guideline includes:

Help with picking brushes, paints and different materials
Easy tools for thinning paint, blending colours and getting ready surfaces
Visual factors of colour and composition
Close-up guideline for purchasing the main points greatest, together with textures, shading, reflections, highlights and pores and skin tones
40 step by step portray demonstrations for portray still-lifes, landscapes, pix, plant life, animals and more
Try Lee's confirmed recommendations and begin reaching the work of your goals!

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