Klaus K. Klostermaier's A Survey of Hinduism, Third Edition PDF

By Klaus K. Klostermaier

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The 3rd variation of this well-regarded creation to Hinduism provides new fabric at the religion's origins, on its relatives with rival traditions, and on Hindu technological know-how.

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15. The Purāṇic dynastic lists, with over 120 kings in one Vedic dynasty alone, date back to the third millennium bce. Greek accounts tell of Indian royal lists going back to the seventh millennium bce. 16. ” (160) 17. Painted gray ware culture in the western Gangetic plains, dated ca. 1100 bce, has been found connected to earlier Indus Valley black and red ware. It would be strange indeed if the Vedic Indians had lost all recollection of such a momentous event as the Aryan invasion in supposedly relatively recent times—much more recent, for instance, than the migration of Abraham and his people, which is well attested and frequently referred to in the Hebrew Bible.

The killing of animals for sacrifices should be discontinued. 2. The whole world is a product of the mind. 3. The world is without support. 4. The world is engaged in pursuit of error, which it mistakes for knowledge. As a result of this teaching the daityas abandon the dharma of the Vedas and the smṛtis, and they induce others to do the same. The same māyā-moha of Viṣṇu had appeared before Buddha as “a naked mendicant with shaven head and a bunch of peacock feathers in his hands” and he is to appear again as the preacher of the Cārvāka doctrines.

But there is no doubt that the “old chronology” has been discredited and that much surprise is in store for students not only of ancient India, but of the ancient World as a whole. 22 To answer that question, much more archaeological work is necessary and many more pieces of the puzzle will have to be put together. C H A P T E R T WO Hindu Dharma Orthodoxy and Heresy in Hinduism All those traditions and all those despicable systems of philosophy, which are not based on the Veda, produce no reward after death; for they are declared to be founded on darkness.

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