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The Bible is probably going the most-edited booklet in background, but the duty of enhancing the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts of the Bible is fraught with problems. the lack of Hebrew manuscripts of the Jewish Scriptures and the significant variations between these witnesses creates problems in deciding upon which textual content should be published because the textual content of the Jewish Scriptures.

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4). Moses, Plato, and the Egyptians who used hieroglyphics spoke in the same way. When Clement comes to the interpretation of scripture we find that in practice his exegesis is based on that of Philo. Every word and syllable of scripture has its meaning, but, since it is written symbolically, the meaning is usually not the obvious one. ’ (1) the historical sense, in which he usually takes the stories of biblical history; (2) the doctrinal sense, moral, religious, and theological, according to which biblical statements are taken directly into his own theological thought.

And it is worth observing that, according to ziillig, there are no examples in his writings where he states that his interpretation is absolutely certain. lo Nevertheless, he knows that the exegete must pray for guidance from God, and he must work diligently as best he can. Origen also gives several practical suggestions. Paul teaches us to collect and compare one spiritual truth with others (1 Cor. ” But without the allegorical method we are likely to make many mistakes. While Origen constantly tries to express what he regards as the orthodox Christian faith, the philosophical aids to faith with which he is so much occupied tend to alter the content of that faith.

4) A philosophical sense, which owes much to the Stoics and to Philo, includes both ‘cosmic’ and ‘psychological’ meanings of scripture. For example, the tables of the Law symbolize the universe; Sarah and Hagar symbolize true wisdom and pagan philosophy. (5) And finally there is a mystical sense, according to which for instance Lot’s wife symbolizes the attachment to earthly things, to impiety and to the impious, which produces in the soul a kind of blindness in regard to God and to his truth (Protr.

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