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According to Hitler, this is the difference . Judaism is Marxism, communism, internationalism, democracy, the equality of the races, nations and peoples, it strives to realize the universal brotherhood of man and the emancipation of the working class . Nazism is just the reverse : it is state capitalism, dictatorship, nationalism, the supremacy of the Aryans and principally of the German people, it seeks to perpetuate the inequality of races, nations and peoples and the subordination of the working class to the class of aristocrats .

State capitalism and fascism are the new social order all over the world . Nazi Germany 40 and Fascist Italy are not the whole earth, and the German nazis and the Italian fascists are not the whole human race . Since state capitalism and fascism will become the social order for all nations all over the world, by reconciling themselves with state capitalism and fascism, the Jews will reconcile themselves with the new social order that comes into existence in all other countries . And so, even if the Jews will forever lose Germany and Italy, they will gain for themselves the rest of the world .

By the very nature of the case, he will be compelled to make a radical change ; he will be compelled to stop relief altogether or greatly to reduce it, he will be compelled to put a check upon the trade unions . All this he will 41 be able to do, but he will not be able to find employment for the millions that are unemployed, he will not be able to find employment for the billions of dollars that lie idle, he will not be able to regenerate the economic system resting on private capitalism, and he will not be able to revive business and to restore prosperity .

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