John O'Riordan's A Guide to O’Casey’s Plays: From the Plough to the Stars PDF

By John O'Riordan

ISBN-10: 1349070939

ISBN-13: 9781349070930

ISBN-10: 1349070955

ISBN-13: 9781349070954

An intensive consultant and research of playwright Sean O'Casey's works - performs and Playlets- via John O'Riordan. Touches on 23 of his O'Casey's works.

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In the play the impact is shown on two worker families, on two mothers each of whom has lost a son; and, if there be a message in the play, I imagine it to be that a Civil War should be waged only for a deep and great cause, like the overthrow of tax paid without representation that evoked the American War of Independence, the overthrow of Feudalism as in the French Revolution, and the establishment of political and economic rule and ownership by the people as in the October Revolution of the Soviets.

As O'Maolain remembers: One morning he called me to get up. As I recall, the morning was very cold, so I gave him this answer: Up in the morning's no for me, Up in the morning early; When a' the hills are covered wi' snow I'm sure it's winter fairly. ' he said to me. ' That started the sort of discussion we used to have about books and authors. The ingredients and autobiographical framework are all incorporated into the scenario of Act One: tenement life is graphically depicted, with its constant stream of vermicular life and vernacular The Shadow of a Gunman 21 talk and tedious interruptions from plain people who speak with rich imagery and saloon-type disagreements over philosophical and political questions.

Human hypocrisy is satirisedsometimes bitterly, sometimes lovingly - with an extraordinary degree of dramatic poignancy. For pretence of sheer grandiose heroicness, Shields and Grigson are hard to supplant; both are heralds of the renowed, hypocritical 'paycock' species - present in all major plays from Juno and the Paycock to The Drums ofFather Ned. In the unconsciously ironic words of Grigson, all are poised to keep 'a stiff upper front' and are exploited as incomparable clowns of the taproom variety in typically O'Caseyean underworld territory; viewed, telescopically, as in the equally characteristically pungent world of Dickens.

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