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Rectum shin lL The suffix -o (n). may suffix is used with a singular that is (f) and especially (f1) and ends in i or a. It that the i and a are singular suffixes which are replaced by o in the plural. 58 akweesi (f) I akweeso (n) ahla (f) I ahlo (n) caawi (f) I caawo (n) faca (f) I faco (n) laqwa (f) llaqo (n) sirwi (f) ·1 si do ( n) fala (fl) I falo (n) hayi (fl) I hayo (n) iisa (fl) I iso (n) qafi (fl) I qafo (n) hlaqwa (fl) I hlaqo (n) hlufi (fl) I hlufo (n) hluma (fl) I hlumo (n) xatsa (fl) I xatso (n) hlaca (fl) I hlaco (n) hhara (fl) I hhado (n) gara (fl) I gado (n) tleesani (fl) I tleesano (n) tsuma (fl) I tsumo (n) 59 cooking stone fire zorilla porridge of maize needle, pin earthen water pot hide, prepared skin feather neck, hump of cow bark, chip body lip hedge around the house valley bush, wilderness herdstick, walking stick forest roads for cattle dirt One word has a masculine singulative based on a neut~r stem in o.

The suffix -ito>o means 'part of something'. The suffix -mo is used for one specimen of a living creature, or one element of a set. The suffix -i is just for singular. Nouns with a singulative suffix are often specific. saqanmo 'one paricular pair of ,earrings' gongoxmo 'one particular elbow' The gender of the basic number form does not play a role in the choice of the singular reference suffix. 1. The suffix -mo (m). The suffix can be preceded by an epenthetic vowel a. This suffix singles out one element from a collection.

Cahlangw (m) 1 dahhangw (m) I dahheeri lion intelligence, soul (n) I gam'e I· iseema' (n) (f) orphan crippled man or animal catlarmo (m) hare deelmo (m) I deelay (m) ki>a>amo (m) I ki>a>a>ay (m) lamb, kid of goat macarmo (m) I macaray (m) I gwarenday (m) mugugunmo (m) I mugugunay (m) fuqurmo (m) I fuquray (m) musmarmo (m) I musmaray (m) sakwenamo (m) I sakwenay (m) kind of bird gwarendmo (m) young donkey arrow ten opening, hole, window space of incisor teeth crown tongue, quarrel moon, month wax, tar room for cattle There are five nouns with the collective suffix -angw that have a plural form from -eeri or -awe.

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