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By F. H. M. Le Saux

ISBN-10: 184384043X

ISBN-13: 9781843840435

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16 The text of this is to be found in S. Anselmi, ex Beccensi abbate Cantuarensis archiepiscopi Opera Omnia necnon Eadmeri Monachi Historia Novotum et alia opuscula, ed. D. G. Gerberon, vol. 2: Appendix (spuria): ‘Miraculum de conceptione Beatae Mariae’, cols. 325–6; ‘Tractatus de conceptione Beatae Mariae Virginis’, cols. 301–18. PL 159 (Paris, 1865). 17 See PL 159, vol. 2, cols. 319–24. La Conception Nostre Dame 35 promise to celebrate the Conception of the Virgin, but is returning from an entirely laudable peace-making embassy to Scandinavia.

Contains Wace’s Vie de sainte Marguerite, Vie de saint Nicolas, and part of the Conception Nostre Dame. ‘Établissement’ and ‘Conception’ sections are missing; ‘Assomption’ up to line 1796. Mutilated folios, fols. 11 10. Carpentras, Bibliothèque municipale 473. Mid-thirteenth century. Central French. Contains the whole poem up to line 1576, fols. 126–39. 11. Oxford, University College, 100. Anglo-Norman traits. Contains the ‘Histoire des Trois Maries’ and the ‘Assomption’ sections, fols. 100r–109v.

J. Leclercq and H. Rochais (Rome, 1974), pp. 387–92). St Bernard had a great devotion towards Our Lady; but he felt that it was unnecessary and pernicious to consider that she must have been conceived free from the original sin by virtue of her status of future mother of Christ. On the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, see Marina Warner, Alone of all her Sex. The Myth and Cult of the Virgin Mary (London, 1989), esp. pp. 236–9; and the ‘Immaculate Conception’ entry in Theotokos. 36 Wace: Hagiographer When the Conception Nostre Dame was composed, the debate that opposed Eadmer of Canterbury and Bernard of Clairvaux between 1129 and 1140 was still fresh, if not actually still ongoing: the earlier one places the date of composition of the poem, the more Wace’s statement that it is the duty of all listeners to observe the feast (‘nus devun la feste faire’, ‘we must celebrate the feast’)20 becomes polemical.

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