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When a particular molecule goes on or off duty, it moves, and since it moves while exerting a force, it is doing work. There is work, but it is work done by one molecule in a muscle cell on another. Positive and negative work When object A transfers energy to object B, we say that A does positive work on B. B is said to do negative work on A. In other words, a machine like a tractor is defined as doing positive work. This use of the plus and minus signs relates in a logical and consistent way to their use in indicating the directions of force and motion in one dimension.

When is there energy? Solution, p. 167 8 Experiments show that the power consumed by a boat’s engine is approximately proportional to third power of its speed. ) (a) When a boat is crusing at constant speed, what type of energy transformation do you think is being performed? (b) If you upgrade to a motor with double the power, by what factor is your boat’s crusing speed increased? ] Solution, p. 4 J. 34. What is object B’s kinetic energy? ] Solution, p. 167 10 The moon doesn’t really just orbit the Earth.

Answer, p. 166 There are many examples where the transfer of energy out of an object cancels out the transfer of energy in. When the tractor pulls the plow with a rope, the rope does negative work on the tractor and positive work on the plow. The total work done by the rope is zero, which makes sense, since it is not changing its energy. , accepts energy from it in the form of heat. 54 Chapter 3 It may seem that when your arms do negative work by lowering a bag of cement, the cement is not really transferring energy into your body.

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