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By Kathryn Kuhlman

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He explained I had barely escaped death during a coronary occlusion—a clot to the heart. "You've cleared a big hurdle," he said when he dismissed me. " I was alive, and although I left the hospital with what the doctor called an "enlarged heart," I was able to return home and resume a partial routine. The doctor assured me, however, that I would always be on medication, that I could never again exert myself physically, and that the condition could return any time—with even more serious results.

We barged out of the row of seats and into the aisle. An usher met us and tried to block our way. " he said kindly, determined not to let me get to the platform unless my healing was genuine. I was unable to reply, unable to articulate. I guess my Australian accent was bad enough without having all my words jumbled together in excitement. "It's me," I said over and over. "I am the one Kathryn Kuhlman was talking about. " I finally made him understand that I had received healing of my heart. Even as I stood there in the aisle, it was becoming more and more evident.

Don't tell me that ... she was at your clinic this morning ... " There was more talk, but things were becoming fuzzy as the sedative took hold. When they returned Jack bent over me. His eyes were red and swollen. That’s funny, I thought, Jack crying? I must be worse than I think. "Your husband tells me you are a very sensible person," the young doctor said. I tried to grin through the pain. " The doctor smiled slightly and placed his stethoscope against the upper part of my chest. "You have had a heart seizure, Mrs.

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